Andrea is a part of the LEGO Friends franchise. She is one of the five main characters of the theme. This version of the character last appeared in 2017.


Andrea is cheerful, funny, a dreamer, and is a bit of drama queen. She is not vain, but loves dressing up fancy and being praised for her performing skills.


She has four best friends, Emma, Mia, Olivia and Stephanie. She is also friends with KateLizaJacob, Matthew, Noah, Isabella, Amy, and Daniel. Andrea works at the City Park Café with Marie, and at the Juice Bar with Naya. Andrea loves to write and compose her own songs, and wants to be a singer and songwriter. She also likes dancing, blogging, and animals, especially her white pet rabbit, Jazz. Other pets include Cleo the parrot. Andrea's favorite foods are ice cream and crepes.

In the webisode Friends Who Quiz it is revealed that Andrea has a sister that is 2 years younger than her but the name of Andrea's sister was not revealed.

Andrea as of right now has no official boyfriend, though she thought she was being set up with Daniel in a webisode Wait…Is This Like, a Date?. No further developments of that have been seen. Another possible boyfriend is Wally, a rather clumsy boy who is obsessed with Andrea. Andrea doesn't pay much attention to him until she discovers he has a great singing voice of his own.

Fun Facts

  • It is quite possible that Andrea was named after a Scala character of the same name. Scala was a predecessor to Friends, however, it ended in 2001.
  • Four characters, besides Andrea herself, use Andrea's head piece: Chloe, Ella, Nicole and Sarah.
  • Andrea's hair piece is also used by Laurie.
  • Joy's nickname for Andrea is 'Nightingale'.

Girlz 4 Life

In this short movie, Andrea and her friends write a song only to have it stolen. Andrea is convinced Livi is responsible, but eventually finds out the truth and makes a special new friend.



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