Dolphin Cruise, originally titled Saving The Dolphins, is the third episode of the LEGO Friends TV Series.


The girls enter a science contest and win a trip on a luxury yacht - but not everything goes to plan when they set out to sea.

Plot (Spoilers)Edit

The girls went to science class and their teacher Ms Stevens talks about dolphin by-catch and introduces the students to the contest, the best person or team that presented an excellent idea to warn the dolphins wins a trip on the dolphin cruiser. The girls decide to go to the beach for ideas but first they stop by the vet clinic where Mia helps an injured dog. However Olivia's aunt Sophie needs someone to take care of the vet clinic. Emma suggests Natasha but Mia isn't sure, but she reluctantly agrees. When the girls get to the beach they have an idea, the Dolphin Alert system. The next day the girls present the Dolphin Alert system to the class. Olivia explains that the alert imitates orcas, a dolphins natural enemy and the dolphins will swim away. This impressed Ms Stevens and they won the competition, Stephanie's delight.

The girls wore raincoats to the docks and waited for Ms Stevens. But to their surprise Ms Stevens was nicely dressed, and the girls discovered that they are on a yacht instead of the boat. The girls begged Ms Stevens to let them change their outfits. And when they came back they looked stylish but Emma noticed that she forgot to bring her camera so she turned around and ran away. But when she got back the yacht had already departed, without her. The girls get a phone call from Emma and they stopped the yacht. Andrea, Mia and Stephanie argued over who should go to collect Emma on the water scooter. But Olivia was smarter and jumped on the water scooter before the others had the chance. Olivia drove all the way to the docks and brought Emma back to the yacht. Ms Stevens asked the girls if they brought the Dolphin Alert system so they could test it. The girls said they did and once they got close to the fishing boats Andrea released the Dolphin Alert underwater and the dolphins swam away after they heard orca sounds. But a baby dolphin somehow got separated from the rest and the girls were determined to help it. And they did so successful. When the GPS lost signal the dolphins helped them in return. And Mia began to trust Natasha once she saw pictures of the vet clinic.


Fun FactsEdit

  • This episode is based on the Dolphin Cruiser set.


Full EpisodeEdit

Dolphin Cruise - LEGO Friends - Full Episode

Dolphin Cruise - LEGO Friends - Full Episode