Girls 4 Life is the first (and currently only) LEGO Friends movie.


Livi comes to Heartlake City for a big concert, and the five friends decide to give their latest song to her. But when Mia gives it to Megan, Livi's manager and Tanya's sister, she takes the credit for writing the song. The friends have to act quickly to get the truth out before Livi's big concert.


  • The Friends all changed bottoms on their original outfits. Andrea had her jeans, Emma dark blue capris, Olivia a dark purple tiered skirt, Stephanie dark pink shorts, and Mia a purple skirt. Emma, Olivia, and Mia have flip-flops, Stephanie and Andrea their normal shoes.



Olivia (to Andrea): You brought beauty products?
Mia: On a mission?
Andrea: Just in case.
Emma: You are officially starting to scare me now.

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Girlz 4 Life - Trailer

Girlz 4 Life - Trailer

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