For the 2018 onwards city of the same name, see Heartlake City.

Heartlake City is the home of all the LEGO Friends characters and places. It has many features that are made into sets.

Description Edit

Heartlake City is buzzing with fabulous things to do and amazing places to visit: if you want an outdoor adventure, head to the Clearspring Falls or Ambersands Beach. If you like horse riding, head to Heartlake Stables and the woods surrounding it. Splash around at Heartlake City Pool or grab a bite to eat at Downtown Bakery. Life is never dull in Heartlake City!

Places Edit

There are many places mentioned in the LEGO Friends TV show or in the Character Encyclopedia. Get to know the ones you missed and know Heartlake City as never before!

City Edit

  • Heartlake Heights (Olivia - n. 30)
  • Heartlake Farms
  • Lighthouse Island
  • Marina
  • Paradisa Town (Ella - n. 75)

Districts Edit

  • ArtsTown District (the landscape with skyscrapers)
  • Downtown Business District (places around Lake Heart)

Landmarks Edit

  • Evie Fontaine
  • Old City Gate
  • Sky Bridge

Nature Edit

  • Ambersands Beach
  • Clearspring Falls
  • Clearspring Mountains / Rocks
  • Clover Meadows
  • Eco Mountain
  • Lake Heart
  • Legendary Waterfalls (home of mermaid Evie)
  • Whispering Willows
  • Whispering Woods
  • Heartland Mountains
  • Mount Echo

Streets Edit

Fun Facts Edit

  • Heartlake City turned 200 in the episode Emma's Dilemma.
  • The name of the town Ella lives in, Paradisa, is a reference to a subtheme of the popular LEGO theme Town. The subtheme, which began in 1992 and lasted until 1997, was primarily marketed towards girls, although it used minifigures.
  • Cherries only grow in the summer in Heartlake City

Gallery Edit

There are many versions of the Heartlake City maps. Let's explore how the City has grown!