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 Heartlake Juice Bar is a set released in January 2014. It is now retired.

Official Description

Head down to the Heartlake Juice Bar with Andrea for a delicious smoothie!

Head down with Andrea to the Heartlake Juice Bar for a delicious fruity drink! Decide where to sit and look at the menu card with all of its delicious fruit drinks, smoothies and sandwiches and order from Naya at the counter. Help Naya use the delicious box of fruits to make the drink in the blender or the juice squeezer and then take it out to Andrea on the sun terrace. Complete with her handbag, she’s ready for a lovely day in Heartlake City. Includes Andrea and Naya mini-doll figures.

Includes Andrea and Naya mini-doll figures.

  • Features glass windows, counter with blenders, juice squeezer, sink and cash register, inside and outside seating areas with 2 chairs, a table and a big box of fruit.
  • Accessories include flowers and a handbag.
  • Order fresh smoothies from Naya the juice bar attendant.
  • Help Naya to make a range of delicious fruit drinks for Andrea to try.
  • Have fun with the play money.
  • Juice Bar measures over 5” (14cm) high, 7” (19cm) wide and 5” (13cm) deep.

LFChE Description

Heartlake City's healthiest new hangout is the Juice Bar. It's the place to go for a fresh juice or a vitamin-packed smoothie. Andrea is a regular customer - the healthy drinks help to keep her voice in top condition. 

Naya works at the Juice Bar. She wouldn't dare serve a drink that doesn't look beautiful - no matter how many people are in the queue! 

Andrea's favourite juice is carrot and orange. It contains lots of vitamins A and C, which help keep away sore throats. 

The Juice Bar is a great place to chat. Andrea has learned that Naya plays the saxophone. They're both music fans! 

As well as juices and smoothies, the Juice Bar serves sandwiches. Yum! 

Fun Facts

  • This set marks the first appearance of Naya.
  • This set has been featured in multiple LEGO Friends episodes and webisodes. Until the creation of the Cupcake Café, this was often the friends get-together place.