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LEGO® Friends: Girls on a Mission (shown as Friends: Girls on a Mission) is the 4th and current incarnation LEGO® Friends TV series produced by M2 Film and M2 Animation (M2 Entertainment and Picture This Studio in 2018 only) for the LEGO® Group. Each episode is 11 minutes long, and the series has been shown on a variety of television channels around the world, as well as some internet streaming services (such as Netflix, Amazon Prime), and the LEGO YouTube channel, although availability may vary between different services and regions. YouTube also holds a web-series and the episodes of the past incarnation. Some additional 3-minute LEGO Shorts/Minisodes have only been released on YouTube.


Meet Andrea, Mia, Emma, Olivia and Stephanie. They're five best friends. And they're on a heroic mission: to save Heartlake City from wily swindlers.

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Fun Facts

  • We've Got Heart, sung by Jasmine Elcock, one of seven finalists on Britain's Got Talent Season/Series 10 in 2016, and Lucas/Luke Farmer is used as the theme song for the series as well as the current incarnation itself.
  • Elcock is also Andrea's singing voice and De facto singer for the entire series.
  • The first/pilot episode is the only episode that has the whole theme song as it is introducing the current incarnation to viewers.
  • The five girls have different designs in this series, most notably with Olivia and Mia.
  • The animation played with the theme song is changed every season with the exception of the third season.


Season 1

Ep.1 Welcome to Heartlake City

Synopsis: The girls form a group of super-doers to serve and protect their beloved Heartlake City.

Ep.2 Friendship House

Synopsis: When Emma's mural gets spray painted, the girls go after the culprit and find an abandoned firehouse.

Ep.3 Sister Act

Synopsis: Andrea tries to make her little sister more like her... only to realise, they may already be alike.

Ep.4 Into the Woods

Synopsis: An attempt to catch the graffiti artist Pranksy who's been leaving his mark all over town, leads to a forest fire in the woods.

Ep.5 The Shadow Group

Synopsis: Stephanie's competitive side gives the girls a front-row seat to a cheating scandal and the group out to expose it.

Ep.6 The Artist's Way

Synopsis: Plans to tear down the Arts District make Olivia question everything she believes in.

Ep.7 Fashionably Old

Synopsis: The girls give Hazel's shop a makeover, but can they stop the shops in the Arts District from being demolished?

Ep.8 Match Made in the Studio

Synopsis: Andrea's quest to be a pop star takes her to new heights, and the girls catch a bad guy in the act.

Ep.9 The Daft and the Furious

Synopsis: Andrea's temper turns the girls' new racing hobby into a competition that fuels them to put Dr Alvah in her place.

Ep.10 The Team

Synopsis: When the girls learn of Dottie Rae's long-lost love,and why he was so important to her , they try to bring him - and their shot at the Grand Prix - back to life.

Ep.11 Escape from Trash Island

Synopsis: A fun day at the resort gives the girls a bird's-eye view of a trash island. Can team power solve the problem?

Ep.12 Need for Speed

Synopsis: The ugly truth makes Andrea quit the race team - but when Mia gets in trouble, will all her friends come back to help?

Ep.13 The Lake Monster

Synopsis: The girls visit the park and Mia’s old treehouse for some much-needed relaxation. But their break is quickly spoiled by something lurking in the lake.

Ep.14 Together Again

Synopsis: The racing team's desperate need for a pit crew boss causes an old rivalry to be reignited.

Ep. 15 Attack of the Alvahbots

Synopsis: A production flaw with the Alvahbots results in major malfunctions and even more major mayhem.

Ep. 16 The Grand Prix

Synopsis: The day of the Grand Prix has arrived, but Dr Alvah is still as determined as ever to prove her Alvahbots are superior to humans in every way, and she'll do anything show the world that they are a need to human kind.

Season 2

Ep.1 Explorer's Day

Synopsis: A series of calamitous mishaps beset the girls as they attempt to perform a play about the founding of Heartlake City.

Ep.2 Lights Out

Synopsis: The girls are called into action as a mysterious blackout causes chaos in the city.

Ep.3 Never Stop Exploring

Synopsis: While out horseriding, Mia finds a treasure map and goes to find the treasure. Meanwhile, Ricky and Joey are searching Heartlake City for the treasure map of the explorers on Carter Greene's orders, despite Dr Alvah insisting no such map exists.

Ep.4 Heartness Monster

Synopsis: A lake monster is scaring all the swimmers out of Lake Heart. Carter Greene wants to search the lake because he's convinced the explorers' treasure is there and doesn't want anyone to see him find it.

Ep.5 Greene Gardens

Synopsis: Having failed to scare all the swimmers away from Lake Heart, Carter Greene donates a community garden to the city and has Dr Alvah drain the lake so Ricky and Joey can search it while the citizens of the city are distracted by the garden.

Ep.6 Frame & Fortune

Synopsis: Carter Greene needs the Heart of the Sea paintings to check them if they have any clues to the sunken ship. but Ricky and Joey fail to steal both paintings, requiring him to go with them on their next theft attempt.

Ep.7 Locket & Key

Synopsis: Andrea accidentally loses her family's historic heirloom locket and tries to conceal it's absence, unknowing that Carter Greene stole it from her.

Ep.8 Real Friends

Synopsis: A television producer arrives in Heartlake City and starts making a documentary about the city. Suspicions are raised when he tells each of the girls separately to keep their role in the documentary a secret from the others.

Ep.9 Tunnel of Darkness

Synopsis: Carter Greene has Dr Alvah evacuate everyone from City Hall so Joey and Ricky can search the Archives room for maps showing the location of the treasure he wants. When Stephanie brings the girls back to City Hall for her hockey stick, they discover his plan.

Ep.10 Heartmore

Synopsis: Stephanie is feeling diminished by the presence of her older sister Roxy, who has the lead role in the Heartmore musical. Carter Greene becomes interested in the play when Joey and Ricky point out a distinctive brooch used in Roxy's stage costume.

Ep.11 Le Scuba

Synopsis: The girls take scuba diving lessons so they are prepared to find the treasure underwater. Carter Greene is getting more insistent that they find the treasure before the girls do.

Ep.12 Map Quest

Synopsis: Emma figures out the engravings they found are a map guide, so they go to get the final engraving to complete the design. Frustrated with Carter's ineptitude, Dr Alvah plans to use her technological inventions to spy on the girls.

Ep.13 Heart of The Sea

Synopsis: Now that both the girls and Carter know the location of the treasure, it is a race to see who can get to it first and claim the prize.

Ep.14 Winner Sings All

Synopsis: Andrea is experiencing performance anxiety about winning the upcoming talent show. When Vicky reveals a surprising talent for singing and dancing, Andrea's fears about losing the contest intensify and she develops a severe insecurity complex.

Ep.15 Mearff

Synopsis: Liz has finally completed her first test version of her animal translation program, but when her second test goes completely wrong, she starts to lose her confidence in her skills as an inventor.

Ep.16 Once Upon a Lighthouse

Synopsis: When Donna is visiting some sick horses on the other side of the city, the girls are left in charge of the Rescue Clinic overnight. Emma finds an old book which describes a sea monster and reads it to the girls, as strange earthquakes keep shaking the Lighthouse.

Ep.17 No Horsing Around

Synopsis: Barney has failed his police horse physical aptitude test several times, so Olivia volunteers the girls to train him to pass the next test and stay on the force with Laura.

Ep.18 Zobo 2.0

Synopsis: Dr Alvah becomes very worried that Zobo will help the girls foil Carter's new plan, so she tries to get rid of him by hacking into his computer core in order to take control of him and make him highly destructive.

Ep.19 Stranded

Synopsis: When Emma doesn't refill the cruiser's fuel tanks before they go out to sea, the girls end up stuck in the middle of the bay when the cruiser uses up all it's remaining fuel. Because of a series of mishaps and non-functional communications equipment, they have to spend all day and night on the cruiser waiting for help.

Ep.20 Alvah's Flair

Synopsis: While attempting to take their painting to the Explorers' Cave, the girls discover that Carter's underwater excavation project is becoming dangerous. Meanwhile, Dr Alvah is starting to discover that Carter cannot be trusted.

Ep.21 Operation Keep Quiet

Synopsis: When Andrea loses her voice for a day due to singing too much, she becomes despondent. As a show of support, the other girls volunteer to give up something for a day as well, but discover keeping that resolution is not easy.

Ep.22 Stakeout

Synopsis: The girls are starting to investigate Carter's undersea construction zone, but the arrival of a new girl in town disrupts their investigation in more ways than one.

Ep.23 The Real Deal

Synopsis: When the girls start investigating Carter's personal history, they discover some interesting new facts that causes Kacey to doubt her loyalty towards her employer.

Ep.24 Walk This Way

Synopsis: When the girls discover the boardwalk is damaged at the exact time a charity concert is being held there, they have to figure out how to repair the support pillars enough to keep the platform from falling into the ocean.

Ep.25 The Art of Being Carter Greene

Synopsis: The girls have finally lost patience with Carter and plan to end his dangerous construction scheme forever.

Ep.26 Save the Bay

Synopsis: With the construction project halted, Donna and the girls can return the sanctuary animals to the ocean. Stephanie has an idea, get the bay declared a nature sanctuary so no-one can ever build in the water again. Meanwhile, Dr Alvah starts using a device to suppress her emotions and she goes back to being evil.

Friends: Girls on a Mission - LEGO® Shorts (2020)

Ep.1 Road Trip

Synopsis: The friends shoot a home video while on a road trip in the Friendship Bus on their way to visit Mia’s brother.

Ep.2 Extreme Cake-Off

Synopsis: The friends compete to see who will win the televised “Heartlake City Cake-Off”.

Ep.3 Zobo’s Upgrade

Synopsis: Zobo goes haywire when Olivia performs a routine system update.

Ep.4 Over the Hurdle

Synopsis: When Mia’s horse Bella gets hurt during a jump, the friends help nurse Bella back to health.

Ep.5 The Pet's Secret Mission

Synopsis: When the girls are asleep, Zobo and the pets fend off Ricky and Joey who are trying to break into the Friendship House.

Ep.6 Catwalk

Synopsis: Emma designs a new line of cat-themed clothing and enlists the friends to put on a great fashion show.

Ep.7 Secret Friend

Synopsis: A gift exchange leaves everyone guessing who the secret friend is.

Season 3

Ep.1 Follow Your Passion

Synopsis: Mia is disappointed that all her friends have life goals and she doesn't.

Ep.2 House Guest

Synopsis: When Dr Alvah is fired from her workplace, she moves into the Friendship House with her lackeys in tow.

Ep.3 Zobo And Zoe

Synopsis: When Zobo gets depressed because he has no friends like him, Olivia decides to create Zoe to keep him company.

Ep.4 Game On

Synopsis: When Stephanie breaks her leg, she becomes addicted to competitive online sports games after Olivia gives her a gaming system to keep Stephanie occupied while she recovers.

Ep.5 Go For The Gold

Synopsis: When Stephanie is disappointed she can't do anything due to her leg injury, she becomes chosen to be a coach for the Sparkles gymnastics team to help train their skills and improve.

Ep.6 Strike a Chord

Synopsis: Andrea is having performance anxiety issues when asked to suddenly write a brand new song after just writing one. Meanwhile, while Stephanie's cast has been removed, her ankle is still damaged and too weak to fully support her weight.

Ep.7 Unstoppable Friendship

Synopsis: While the girls try to enjoy a well earned spa day, Olivia gets trapped in an out of control speeding tour bus because she was upgrading it.

Ep.8 Emma, P.I.

Synopsis: Emma becomes a Private Investigator for a day when asked to solve the case of Dottie's missing necklace.

Ep.9 Daddy's Girl

Synopsis: Lucas returns to Heartlake City after a long absence, but Olivia's dream of reconnecting her family is not as easy as she hoped.

Ep.10 Miarella

Synopsis: When the school dance is announced, Mia is nervous about being asked to attend by River, as she's not comfortable with formal dances.

Ep.11 Part of the Herd

Synopsis: Mia, Angus and Donna arrange for the girls to go to visit a jungle preservation camp.

Ep.12 Free Bird

Synopsis: While conducting a population survey of a rare bird species, Mia and Stephanie discover a long lost aviatrix.

Ep.13 The Feels

Synopsis: Emma is working on a self portrait as her admission test to a prestigious Paris art academy. Meanwhile, Dr Alvah has Joey and Ricky test her newly improved emotion suppression device on the girls.

Ep.14 Artifact or Fiction

Synopsis: When the girls find a hidden temple in the jungle, they take an old bowl out of it and back to their jungle base. Shortly afterwards, mysterious accidents keep happening to whoever is protecting the bowl.

Ep.15 The Right Stuff

Synopsis: Emma develops a mysterious allergy and the girls have to figure out what is causing her reactions. Meanwhile, Olivia spends a day at the space center training to be an astronaut.

Ep.16 Gone with the Winds

Synopsis: When Ethan comes to visit the jungle rescue base, he and Emma get trapped outside during a typhoon and have to find shelter.

Ep.17 Mt Heartmore

Synopsis: While trying to shoot a solo music video, Andrea discovers Dr Alvah's latest scheme to reclaim her former position as the CEO of Alvah Corp.

Ep.18 Welcome to the Jungle

Synopsis: When the animal sanctuary receives a new elephant who is only used to living in the city, both he and Andrea must learn how to live without their urbanised comforts.

Ep.19 Splash Bash

Synopsis: When the girls learn Jeremy Door has never had a proper birthday party, they decide to throw him a private party at the Resort after hours.

Ep.20 Making Memories

Synopsis: The girls are about to leave the Jungle Sanctuary now that their work is complete, so they decide to have as much fun as they can before their flight home.

Season 4

Ep.1 House Party

Synopsis: When Andrea struggles to get used to her new house, a school dance reminds her change has upsides.

Ep.2 Four-legged Friends

Synopsis: A quest to relocate a cat family leads the girls to discover a new level of four-legged friendship.

Ep.3 Trading Places

Synopsis: Olivia trades places for a day with a famous actress who could be her double.

Ep.4 It's a Mall World

Synopsis: The girls get trapped in a shopping mall and help Emma with her project.

Ep.5 Fortunate Friends

Synopsis: Mysterious characters in town lead the girls to discover a carnival and save a horse in distress.

Ep.6 Behind the Curtain

Synopsis: The girls show the carnival members Heartlake City and in return, learn secrets of the fun fair.

Ep.7 Funhouse Escape

Synopsis: When the girls get stuck in the funhouse, they have to come together to escape.

Ep.8 The Big Show

Synopsis: The girls join in the carnival’s farewell performance and Andrea gets some sisterly advice from Claire.