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The LEGO® Group/LEGO® Systems A/S commissioned an animated television series to accompany the debut of the LEGO® Friends line in 2012. The animated television series is principally produced by the studio iterations of M2 Entertainment and Picture This Studio. Duckling & Sonne and Sound Earest added to the production until the Netflix series in 2016. An associated array of LEGO® Friends webisodes of 2D-animated shorts of up to 5 minutes length was released on YouTube as its third incarnation.

Although shown on-air as simply Friends followed by the episode title underneath, the first season was branded as LEGO® Friends: Friends Are Forever and also acts as the Friends' first incarnation. The second season branded as LEGO® Friends: United as One and the third season as LEGO® Friends: Friends Together Again acted as the second incarnation which features the animation production with more dark-shadow gradients on the characters. This continued in the third incarnation with an exclusive Netflix original series; LEGO® Friends: The Power of Friendship / Friends: The Power of Friendship. LEGO® Friends of Heartlake City / Friends of Heartlake City acts as the fourth and final season of Friends under that animation interface. The series appear in forms of half-hour TV episodes branded as specials that are aired every so often. The series features the 5 BFFs; Andrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia and Stephanie, alongside some recurring characters in Heartlake City.

On January 3, 2018, the Friends line's fourth and current incarnation: Girls on a Mission, with a complete animation revamp began broadcast on the same networks as the previous incarnations only for the first season and via YouTube since its second season onwards although multiple TV networks air them to suit their broadcast schedule, most notably Pop in the UK & Ireland and Nine Network in Australia. In 2019, Picture This Studio was renamed M2 Animation and combines with M2Film for the episode production to this day.

Title Cards

List of episodes

Season 1

  1. New Girl in Town
  2. Stephanie's Surprise Party
  3. Dolphin Cruise

Season 2

  1. Country Girls
  2. Emma's Dilemma
  3. Friends of the Jungle

Season 3

  1. Andrea's Big Moment
  2. Kate's Island
  3. The Grand Hotel

Season 4

  1. Getting Out the Vote
  2. Getting the Message
  3. The Grateful Dud

LEGO Friends: The Power of Friendship (Netflix Series)

  1. Camp Wild Hearts
  2. Slam Dunk
  3. Keepin' It Real
  4. Roomies

Season 5

  1. The Drooling Detective
  2. Rabbitouille
  3. Change of Address
  4. Dive In
  5. I Told You So
  6. Snow Way
  7. Midwinter Night's Dream

LEGO Friends: Girls on a Mission

Season 1

  1. Welcome to Heartlake City
  2. Friendship House
  3. Sister Act
  4. Into the Woods
  5. The Shadow Group
  6. The Artist's Way
  7. Fashionably Old
  8. Match Made in the Studio
  9. The Daft and the Furious
  10. The Team
  11. Escape from Trash Island
  12. Need for Speed
  13. The Lake Monster
  14. Together Again
  15. Attack of the Alvahbots
  16. The Grand Prix

Season 2

  1. Explorer's Day
  2. Lights Out
  3. Never Stop Exploring
  4. Heartness Monster
  5. Greene Gardens
  6. Frame & Fortune
  7. Locket & Key
  8. Real Friends
  9. Tunnel of Darkness
  10. Heartmore
  11. Le Scuba
  12. Map Quest
  13. Heart of The Sea
  14. Winner Sings All
  15. Mearff
  16. Once Upon a Lighthouse
  17. No Horsing Around
  18. Zobo 2.0
  19. Stranded
  20. Alvah's Flair
  21. Operation Keep Quiet
  22. Stakeout
  23. The Real Deal
  24. Walk This Way
  25. The Art of Being Carter Greene
  26. Save the Bay

Season 3

  1. Follow Your Passion
  2. House Guest
  3. Zobo And Zoe
  4. Game On
  5. Go for the Gold
  6. Strike a Chord
  7. Unstoppable Friendship
  8. Emma, P.I.
  9. Daddy's Girl
  10. Miarella
  11. Part of the Herd
  12. Free Bird
  13. The Feels
  14. Artifact or Fiction
  15. The Right Stuff
  16. Gone With the Winds
  17. Mt Heartmore
  18. Welcome to the Jungle
  19. Splash Bash
  20. Making Memories

Season 4

  1. House Party
  2. Four-legged Friends
  3. Trading Places
  4. It's a Mall World
  5. Fortunate Friends
  6. Behind the Curtain
  7. Funhouse Escape
  8. The Big Show

LEGO Shorts (2020)

  1. Road Trip
  2. Extreme Cake-Off
  3. Zobo’s Upgrade
  4. Over the Hurdle
  5. The Pet's Secret Mission
  6. Catwalk
  7. Secret Friend

Fun Facts

All the girls have a Friendship House for keeping all their mission equipment and plans. It looks beautiful with their team symbols.