LEGO Friends / LEGO Friends of Heartlake City / Friends of Heartlake City / LEGO Friends: The Power of Friendship / Friends / LEGO Friends: Girls on a Mission is a television series produced by the LEGO Group and broadcast on Disney Channel. Rather than a full series, it appears in the form of half-hour TV Specials that are aired every so often.

In 2018 a new series was created to accommodate the reboot.

It all takes a place in Heartlake City - there have been 2 versions so far: Heartlake City (2012-2017) and Heartlake City.

List of episodesEdit

Season 1 Edit

  1. New Girl in Town
  2. Stephanie's Surprise Party
  3. Dolphin Cruise

Season 2 Edit

  1. Country Girls
  2. Emma's Dilemma
  3. Friends of the Jungle

Season 3 Edit

  1. Andrea's Big Moment
  2. Kate's Island
  3. The Grand Hotel

Movie Edit

Girlz 4 Life

LEGO Friends: The Power of Friendship (Netflix Series) Edit

  1. Camp Wild Hearts
  2. Slam Dunk
  3. Keepin' It Real
  4. Roomies

Season 4 Edit

  1. Getting Out the Vote
  2. Getting the Message
  3. The Grateful Dud

Season 5 Edit

  1. The Drooling Detective
  2. Rabbitouille
  3. Change of Address
  4. Dive In
  5. I Told You So
  6. Snow Way
  7. Midwinter Night's Dream

LEGO Friends: Girls on a Mission (Reboot Series) Edit

  1. Welcome to Heartlake City
  2. Friendship House
  3. Sister Act
  4. Into the Woods
  5. The Shadow Group
  6. The Artist's Way
  7. Fashionably Old
  8. Match Made in the Studio
  9. The Daft and the Furious
  10. The Team
  11. Escape from Trash Island
  12. Need for Speed
  13. The Lake Monster
  14. Together Again
  15. Attack of the Alvahbots
  16. The Grand Prix