Let's Be Friends is a song for LEGO Friends. It was written by Tim Ross & Nikki Gregoroff and performed by L2M. It was played throughout Season 3 of the webisodes and LEGO Friends: The Power of Friendship.


Sunshine hit the floor got to run out of the door

So much to do today.

Heartlake City rocks discovery never stops

Adventure all the way.

Well parlour round the block jumping low then back on top

Until the sun goes down.

Painting with my friends wish this day would never end

Least spin this world around.

Let's sing while we fly you and I

Come on come on now.

Me and my best friends forever till the end

Me and my best girl friends.

Oh oh oh


Oh oh oh


Oh oh oh

Let's be friends

Well make some yummy treats sweet rainbows that we can eat

Then make them disappear.

Well explore round the block see the world from on top

The air's so cool up here.

Let's rescue furry friends let them know that we love them

No matter where we go.

Heartlake City streets make me feel like I can dream

This is my heart and home.

Let's rock the whole world every girl

Repeat Chorus