"Let's go for a ride in the Whispering Woods!"
"I love staying at Sunshine Ranch"
Liza is one of the many minor characters of LEGO Friends.

Profile Edit

Liza's passion is gardening and she is a keen member of her school's Farm Club. She loves to spend time with her cousin of Mia at Sunshine Ranch, helping with farm work. Adventurous Liza also likes exploring the farm, to find special hang-outs. Liza is a year younger than Mia, and she looks up to her cousin. Mia is so caring and has such great friends, Liza wants to be just like her. 

Liza is very practical. She's good at building and fixing things.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Liza uses Stephanie's head piece in set 41039, however she uses a different head with blue eyes and red lipstick (the same as Ariel's from the Disney Princess sets) in the other two sets she appears in. It is unknown why it was changed.
  • Liza and Naya are the only two characters who have used two separate head pieces.
  • Liza, Ewa, Katharina, Sienna and Sophie are the only other characters, besides Stephanie herself, who use Stephanie's 2012-2017 face.


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  • Build Your Own Adventure

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