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Mia is a part of the LEGO Friends franchise. She is one of the five main characters of the theme.

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This version of the character first appeared in 2018. For earlier versions see Mia (2012-2015) and Mia (2016-2017).

Mia's Signatures

Official Bio

Meet Mia.

Mia is an adventurer who loves animals and being outdoors. In fact, she’s pretty sure her horse Bella understands her better than most people. She gets things done, and often while her four best friends are still discussing how to do it! She knows who she is and never worries much about what other people think of her. She doesn’t like gossip or small talk. Just be honest with her, she’ll see right through anyone who isn’t! And she’s not afraid to let them know.


Mia is a nature lover, she's fond of going off exploring the wilderness and is much more comfortable with animals and her best friends more than other public people.
Her parents apparently trust her a great deal, as they let her borrow their camper van unsupervised.

In Stakeout, it is mentioned that Mia was the new girl in town when she was much younger, revealing she moved to Heartlake City long ago.

At the beginning of the show, Mia's brother Daniel leaves for college and although she tries to hide it, she misses him a lot. She is the best racer in the girls' go-kart team.

Unfortunately, she breaks her arm before the Grand Prix and Vicky has to replace her as lead driver.

In a reversal of roles, when Vicky is injured during a dress rehearsal in Explorer's Day, Mia has to replace her, but as she's not a good actress, her performance is very unconvincing.

Mia's not naturally optimistic, she tends to be cynical and jaded.

She is often sarcastic and finds it hard to go even a day without making sarcastic jokes/remarks, as seen in Operation Keep Quiet.

In Season 2, Mia has a job as Donna's assistant in the Heartlake Rescue Clinic, an overflow centre for animals recovering from injuries.

Given Mia's operation of the Rescue Clinic Submarine unsupervised, this would mean she's qualified as a Commercial Submarine Pilot.

Mia hates being the center of attention, so she will try to avoid being noticed by large groups of people.

In Zobo and Zoe and The team Mia can be seen wearing her everyday clothes to bed, so by the looks of it Mia honestly doesn't care what she wears to bed.

She has a crush on River, but doesn't let it show.


Fun Facts

  • The Mia mini-doll has dark red hair, but in the episodes her hair is reddish- orange.
  • In 2019 Mia's hair piece was updated to now be vibrant red in color. Although it is closer, this color is still different to her hair in the episodes.
  • Mia's tree house originally belonged to her brother Daniel before he went to college.
  • Mia has a ton of pets, according to the sets. Some of them are - Bella the horse, Twister the rabbit and Mimi the bunny.
  • According to a LEGO Life magazine, Mia is a bold brave racer who loves to work on her car when she's not hiking!
  • Mia doesn’t like to be seen crying, as seen in the episode Into the Woods, when Mia says to Olivia that her tears are just her allergies. Since her friends don't question this explanation it is likely Mia has some allergies.
  • Mia is left-handed, as revealed in Stakeout.
  • One of Mia's hobbies is also diving.
  • Mia is voiced by Allegra Clark in the LEGO Friends: Girls on a Mission series.
  • Mia hates mornings, as revealed in The Pet's Secret Mission.
  • Mia doesn't like pumpkin, which she mentions in Unstoppable Friendship.
  • Mia can understand Zobo's unique language quite better than Olivia.
  • Mia doesn't like performing in front of a crowd, which she mentions in Miarella, Explorer's Day and The Big Show.
  • Mia's symbol can be found on the lower part of her usual T-shirt.
  • Mia's appearance in the Girls on a Mission series doesn't show her freckles, but her mini-doll and past versions of her clearly shows her freckles.
  • Mia’s Season 4 dress style is a bit copied from Stephanie’s jungle suit.




  • Mia's Water Fun (30410)



Mia has appeared in every episode of LEGO Friends: Girls on a Mission.