Quit Monkeying Around is the sixth episode of Season 1 of the LEGO Friends webisodes.

Synopsis Edit

Things are busy at the Jungle Rescue Base, and Emma can't seem to do anything right. But when a monkey is lost, will Emma become an unlikely hero?

Plot (Spoilers) Edit

The girls are helping out at the Jungle Rescue Base, but Emma can't find a way to help until Stephanie asks her to watch over some parrot eggs that will soon hatch. Stephanie gives her specific instructions for looking after the birds when they hatch. Almost as soon as Stephanie has left to bring the mother parrot Java for an exam the eggs begin to hatch. Emma runs off to get her camera, but is spotted by Stephanie who is annoyed that Emma isn't doing her job. Stephanie speaks to Emma about running off.
Matthew calls for Emma and asks her why the patrol gear is pink, with Emma explaining that camouflage green is no longer in style. Matthew is less than thrilled, but Mia arrives and notifies the team that Juliet has disappeared. Stephanie suggests they organise a search party, with Andrea appearing simply because she heard the word party.

Stephanie leads the team (in their new pink patrol gear) and tells them where to search for Juliet, except for Emma, who is told to make a campfire, much to her disappointment.
Emma goes in search of rocks for the campfire. She only needs one more, and sees the perfect rock just a little higher up the pile. Emma pushes it out with her spade, but when she does she hears a shriek from within the rock pile. It turns out to be Juliet and Emma rescues her.

The girls and Matthew are sitting round the campfire when Emma comes over with some orange juice and an IV bag, suggesting they use it for Juliet, who is being held by Mia. Stephanie is surprised as Emma doesn't know how to put in an IV, only for Emma to cut the tube and use it as a straw for Juliet ot drink the juice, making the girls laugh.

Fun FactsEdit


  • When Emma and Stephanie are walking up to Matthew, Emma's hair is animated as Andrea's from the back.

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