Stephanie is part of the LEGO Friends franchise. She is one of the five main characters of the theme. This version of the character last appeared in 2017.


Stephanie would love to take you to the Cupcake Café! She loves baking her award-winning new cupcakes for the friendly customers. It's a busy job. Stephanie uses her phone to plan everything. She has a white rabbit called Daisy. She also has a bunny named Chili.


Stephanie has four best friends: Olivia, Andrea, Emma and Mia. She is also friends with most of the other minor characters too.

Stephanie and Tanya are rivals. They are very much alike but Tanya is stuck up and snobby. 

Nate likes Stephanie and she appears to return it.

Fun Facts

  • Stephanie is the only one of the five Friends whose name does not end in 'a'.
  • Five characters, besides Stephanie herself, use Stephanie's head piece: Ewa, Katharina, Liza, Sienna and Sophie.
  • In the LEGO Disney Princess theme Merida, Cinderella and Elsa use Stephanie's head piece. Although the latter two got new head pieces in 2018.
  • Joy's nickname for Stephanie is 'Lion Cub'.




  • Bowling Alley (30399)
  • Snowboard Tricks (30402)

Other Merchandise




Stephanie appeared with Emma, Andrea, Mia, and Olivia for the first and currently only notable crossover that LEGO has created, which was with the LEGO News Network series. You can find the video here.

In this special on the LEGO YouTube channel Dan Brickman and Helen from the LEGO News show travel to Heartlake City (the Adventure Camp to be precise), where Dan Brickman and Helen find the true meaning of Friendship (but even though their friendship comes out better, the most important rule, even for Dan, is to be yourself).