Vicky is a recurring LEGO Friends character.

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Vicky loves sports and is Stephanie's biggest rival. But when it comes to racing, she rivals Mia. Because Mia is the best racer, so therefore, Vicky rates her as the greatest opponent.

Vicky is a skilled tennis and basketball player. She is the reigning champion in the legendary Heartlake City Go-Kart Grand Prix.

Vicky will do anything to win on the racetrack. However, it turns out her manager Dwayne was the one encouraging her to use underhand tactics to win. Vicky was frustrated that all he saw in her was a "ruthless bad girl who would do anything to win". In the end Vicky quit racing for Dwayne.

Vicky returns to the show in "Attack of the Alvahbots", when Mia is injured, therefore cannot race and the girls need a replacement lead driver for their team. Given Vicky's experience with racing, they eventually choose her to become their new lead driver, much to Andrea's annoyance. Because of the events in this episode, Vicky is trying to become friends with the girls. As Emma points out, Vicky changed her outfit. When they discover that they are driving against a computer, Vicky quits and Andrea takes over driving. In the end, they win the Grand Prix.

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  • Vicky's surname is revealed to be Roman in the description of the music video for Zoom Zoom Zoom.
    • This is further confirmed in the episode "The Daft and the Furious".
  • In the episodes Vicky has a red streak running through her hair, however this does not appear on her mini-doll.
  • It is quite possible that Vicky's residential phone number is 528 - 7365, as this is the number given on the missing poster, at the Friendship House, for Vicky's cat Vega.
  • Vicky replaces both Tanya and Lacy in 2018 as Stephanie and Mia's rivals respectively.
  • According to a LEGO Life magazine, Vicky is a talented racer who might be the best in the world.
  • Vicky's nickname on the racetrack is Vicious Vicky, likely gained for her overly aggressive driving on the track.
  • In the episodes, there is a number 1 on the back of her basketball jersey.
  • Vicky is given a new head in 2019, with a happier and friendlier expression.
    • This makes her the only character to have two different heads, excluding the reboot changes.

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