We Can Do It is the first LEGO Friends song. It was written and performed by The Friends in New Girl in Town.

Lyrics Edit

Can't you see the stars are in my eyes
And I feel so good today
Friends are like the stars across my skies
Shining bright in every way
There is a world full of magic
that I want to build with you
Be a part of all my friends
And the fun just never ends!

We can do it!
Friends are here to stay
We can do it!
Girls will show the way
We can do it!
Friends are here to stay
We can do it!
Share the fun today
It's all about the joy of sharing!

Did you know that dreaming never ends
We can do it anywhere
We can build a world with all our friends
It will take us everywhere!
You've got the heart, you have the power
To create a world of fun
Tell your friends to join the game
You will never be the same!

Repeat Chorus

Let dreams come true!
You know what's in your heart will always do
A world of fun, it starts with you
No matter who you are, you can build there too
I can see the stars in your eyes
So let us fly away!

Repeat Chorus

Fun FactsEdit

  • When the episode first aired, the lyrics were slightly different. In the 5th line of the first verse, "magic" was "dreams". The last line of the chorus was "It's all about the joy of creation!" The rest was not changed or else was added in the music video.