Zobo is a recurring character of LEGO Friends.

Official LFChE Bio

Olivia invented Zobo in her workshop as a science fair project. She controls him with a remote. He likes fixing things, and can be found joining the girls on their adventures all around Heartlake City. Sometimes he seems a bit funny, when he doesn't understand human things.


Olivia also created a mini ”Family” for Zobo, making Zobo the father, Zuzu the mother, and Zobito the son (kid). Zuzu is not commonly found in most episodes, but Zobito and Zobo are. Zobo helps Olivia in her science projects, and Olivia is constantly updating him with new, interactive features.

Reboot Series Capabilities

  • Zobo has the ability to take photos with his eyes.
  • Zobo has a tracking device to locate the Mission Vehicle should it be moved from where it is parked.
  • Zobo has a holographic projector in his chest dome.
  • Zobo is fully waterproofed, capable of diving underwater. He also has a sonar detection system for underwater scanning and navigation.
  • Zobo has a thermal imaging setting, for seeking living creatures.
  • He has spectrometrical scanning sensors in his eyes, allowing him to determine the mineral composition of nearby rocks and materials.

Fun Facts

  • He is the only figure in the theme to be released made of bricks, and the only character not to be a minidoll figure or an animal.
  • In the 2018 series Zobo often speaks in random phrases, but it is eventually revealed he can speak normally, he just chooses not to.
    • He can also make whistling noises.





Zobo has appeared in nearly every episode of LEGO Friends (TV Series) and LEGO Friends: Girls on a Mission




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